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Friday, January 30, 2009

An uneasy kind of day

Today my youngest daughter is spending her second day home from school with a temp of over 103. She vasillates between feeling really awful and not too bad, a sore throat being the constant. Mostly she’s bummed that she missed the youth group’s Human Foosball game yesterday, and today’s jog-a-thon at the school.

Her older sister is on medication which makes it imperative that she NOT catch this. I’m spending lots of time with disinfectant wipes, getting doorknobs, telephones, etc. Is it enough? I don’t know.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday I turned in the manuscript for my third book, Leaving Yesterday. So, technically, I guess you could say that yesterday, I left yesterday. Huh?!? Anyhow, I’m glad to be finished (at least until the edits come back), and my family is glad I’m finished because they’d really like for me to go to the grocery store and do some laundry.
I went to visit a book club a couple of weeks ago up in Paso Robles (a couple hours north of here). Fun women, great food, lots of laughter–I want a charter membership. I took my camera with me, then promptly forgot to take it out of my purse. I guess some things never change :-).
Well, I’m off to be domestic. Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Checking In

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a REALLY long time. What can I say? Life got in the way (and quite frankly, it still is 🙂 )
Here’s a quick update of what’s been going on:
I’m in the process of finishing Leaving Yesterday, which will be in stores this October.
Waiting for Daybreak has been picked up by Wal-Mart, and should be appearing on their shelves by the beginning of February.
Tomorrow, I’m driving a couple of hours north to spend some time with a book club that has read A Promise to Remember. This promises to be a lot of fun!
Well, there’s the world’s quickest blog update ever. I’m hoping to be back next week with some pictures (we’ll see how that goes!)