Here's to the teachers!

Here's to the teachers!


In this very grainy photo, the lady in the green was my 3rd grade teacher– Mrs. Trout. Every day I brought in a stack of stuff I had written, and every day she smiled at me and said, “Thank you, Katie. I can’t wait to read it.” As an adult, I know she must have been dying to say “Enough already!” but she never did. The dream of writing really grew this year. But then… she left half-way through the year to marry MY COUSIN! Yay. Now she’s Mrs. Richardson, and I get to see her at reunions. (The lady beside her is my cousin Nettie–who drove almost 2 hours to come to this signing. Love ya, Nettie Jane!!!)

This is Mrs. Pulley who took over the rest of the 3rd grade year. I can’t remember if I pummeled her with paperwork or not, likely I did. I don’t ever remember seeing her angry–given our little group of ragamuffins, that is saying something!

This is Mrs. Benson, my 5th grade teacher. She can only be described as “sneaky”. Each day we would leave her class, congratulating ourselves in how we’d managed to spend the whole day doing nothing but interesting projects and playing games. It wasn’t until (much) later, that we all realized that she’d actually been teaching us through these methods. Trickery, plain and simple!! I hope my daughters someday have a teacher this sneaky!

Mrs. Thompson— high school French teacher. She always has a smile on her face (even while trying to shepherd 50 rag-tag teenagers through France and England). I can still hear her voice when she was admonishing my friend Ginger and me (French names Gisele and Lisette respectively). When she was trying to be firm, but really kind of tickled, our names would come out in the true southern way, with about 3 or 4 syllables, “Gi -say-al, Li-seyette, quit goofing off!
Great teacher!!

This is Mrs. Joiner– the high school English teacher I always wanted and never got! She had three of the nicest, coolest (and best looking) kids at the school though–Charles, Willie, and Kristina.

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