Heroes in Action

Heroes in Action

I may not live in Gotham City or Metropolis, but yesterday I saw some real life super heroes in action.
My sister-in-law, aka VisionGirl, spotted smoke coming from the brush across the canyon. She quickly notified my brother-in-law, aka WaterMan. Faster than a speeding bullet (and without bothering to find a phone booth so he could twirl fast and put on his cape and mask) he jumped into a water truck (it’s one of the big construction site water trucks, he’s been using it on his orchards and for other projects around their new rural home). Before you could say “who was that masked man?” he was at the scene, spraying the fire with gallons and gallons of water.
Soon after, more caped crusaders arrived in Batmobiles, which were cleverly disguised as fire trucks, and even two helicopters!!
The evil fire was banished within the hour, and its devastation limited to only one acre, thanks to quick and heroic action by all.


  1. C.J. Darlington on December 6, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Wow, Katie. That’s a great end to a possibly devastating story.

    Reminds me about my first experience with forest/grass fires. I was vacationing in Colorado, and my family and I were traveling up into the mountains in our RV. We saw a thin plume of smoke in the distance, and our eastern minds were like, “Wonder who’s barbecuing?”

    Soon we came upon several motorists stopped by the road desperately trying to put out a grass fire. One woman was so frantic she was even using her hands.

    We quickly jumped into action ourselves with the gallons of spring water we had with us in the RV. The fire had spread down the road into the trees, and I remember running down the road trying to carry five gallons of water at the same time. A guy stopped to help me, and then someone in a pickup zoomed up and we both jumped in the back to rush down the road to where they needed it.

    We started stopping passing motorists asking for any possible water they might have we could roll down the hill to the folks battling the fire in the trees.

    Luckily, this story ended well, too. The fire was put out, but I’ll never forget the experience.

    Of course, I remember thinking, “I gotta use this in a book sometime!”

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