Book Tour Pix

Book Tour Pix


We had a BLAST on our Southern California mini-tour. But, this is one of those times that pictures speak louder than words, so I’ll let the camera tell the tale.
Unfortunately, I forgot to make pix at several stops, so this is the abbreviated version.
(Also, no matter what I do with blogger, these pictures are crowding in on each other, so… sorry!)

This is the Berean store in Temecula.

Front row: Cathy Marie Hake, Me, Julie Carobini, Lauraine Snelling
Back row: Cindy, Gail, and Frances

Book tour quiz: What do Cindy, Gail, Frances, and these other lovely ladies, have in common with….

This… uh… lovely lady?
Answer: They are all members of the Yahweh Sisterhood of the Traveling Rat Bible study group.
Isn’t that the funnest thing? They each adopt Ms. Rat for a month, dress her, make her up (she has the most lovely shade of toenail polish).
This makes me want to drive to Temecula just to hang out with these gals!!!!

This lovely display was at the Living Water Bookstore in Covina.

An absolutely gorgeous store!

The lady in the teal jacket is Fia. She is a Norwegian immigrant (as are Lauraine’s characters), so she was a big fan! It was great fun to listen to the two of them talk shop.

This is Long’s Christian Bookstore in Rancho Cucamonga, our last (but not the least) stop on the tour.

If you look up “good sport” in the dictionary, you’re likely to see this picture. Poor Steve is the marketing guy from Bethany House who got the, um, pleasure of driving around with us four women. I think most men would have thrown themselves into traffic by the the second day, but Steve smiled bravely until the end.


  1. Amy on March 10, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    It was nice to meet you on your tour, Katie! 🙂 (I met you at Long’s)

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