This is a view down my street last night, as we prepared for our mandatory evacuation due to the Gap Fire. Rumor says we will remain under evacuation orders through the weekend, although our house appears to be out of immediate danger.

Riddle of the day: How many evacuees can a construction company office building hold?

Answer: A couple dozen, along with 8 dogs and 3 cats.

This is the view from my brother-in-law’s driveway this morning. Miraculously (and because of some extreme firefighting), his house was saved. His next door neighbor’s home was also saved, even though flames completely surrounded both houses. The firefighters were spraying the homes with flame retardant foam, then taking refuge inside the garage when the flames flared up.

More pictures of our burned out hillsides.


  1. Rebecca LuElla Miller on July 5, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    God answers prayer! I’m so happy to know that your brother-in-law’s house was saved. But now you’ve had to evacuate? I continue to pray they get that fire under control, before the heat hits again full force next week.

    I was wondering where you had evacuated to! Thought maybe you headed to Ventura to visit the beachy chick. 😉


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