The rat is back!

The rat is back!


Last week, I visited a book club–not just any book club–these were some women I met in 2008 while doing a mini book tour with Lauriane Snelling, Cathy Marie Hake, and Julie Carobini. These women are mostly a Bible study group, but in the summer they do a book club. They have a special mascot, a large plastic rat (she’s sitting on my shoulder in the picture). They call themselves the Yahweh Sisterhood of the Traveling Rat. How fun is that?
They invited me to come hang with their group for brunch and a chat– great food, awesome women, talking books. Few things in life are better than that!


  1. Julie Carobini on July 6, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Hey my friend,
    I’ll never forget that rat ;)) Let’s do brunch sometime soon too (no vermin allowed–haha).

    Great pic, btw.

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