Looking for influencers for "Chasing Hope"

Looking for influencers for "Chasing Hope"


My publisher has opened up a few new “influencer” spots for my upcoming novel, Chasing Hope. What is an influencer, you ask? Well, it’s someone the publisher direct mails a free copy of the book right around release time. This person agrees to read the book and help spread the word about it. Normally these spots are reserved almost exclusively for bloggers, etc., but since I have a few extra slots, I’d really like to get the books in the hands of my true readers.
So… if you like my books, and you like to tell other people about my books through Facebook, twitter, book clubs, or talking it up among your reader friends, this opportunity is just for you! (If you are simply looking for a free copy, please ignore this post and check back next month when we will be having more giveaways).
If you are interested in “influencing”, send me an email with your snail mail address by clicking here.

Happy reading!

PS- If the response exceeds available books, I will have a random drawing. Include a list of unique ways you can “influence” and I’ll enter you in the drawing twice!¬†

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