Announcing Christmas at the Winter Palace

Announcing Christmas at the Winter Palace


I am happy to announce the release of 2 novellas in a completely new genre for me– historical fiction.
“A Lady of the Court” and “The Christmas  Gift” are set in Imperial Russia, during the time of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna and Catherine the Great.
After the death of her father, Alyona Arkadyevna Balashova leaves her sheltered life in Kazan to live as Empress Elizabeth’s ward in the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg. She soon discovers the glamorous life is not as simple as she’d always dreamed.

I had always vowed never to write historical fiction because of the research involved. That changed when my family went on a Baltic Cruise in 2017 and spent three days in St. Petersburg. The city was ripe with history and beauty and tragedy and story. I couldn’t get enough, and the ideas started percolating. I hope you enjoy the results!

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