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Book shindig

By Kathryn Cushman / November 10, 2007 /

Unfortunately, all my photos from last night’s book shindig at Lori B ‘s house turned out really dark :-(. It was a great evening though (in spite of the fact that Lori made me wear a tiara!), with about 40ish women just hanging out and chatting about books, kids, whatever. Here are a few of…

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Feast and famine

By Kathryn Cushman / November 9, 2007 /

My friend and neighbor Lori B. is hosting dozens of women at her home tonight, where we will celebrate A Promise to Remember after its first month on the shelves. Lori has been a tireless promoter of Promise since long before it actually came out, putting in hours worth of phone calls, emails, etc. To…

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Karen Kingsbury and me

By Kathryn Cushman / November 8, 2007 /

I just met Karen Kingsbury! In this picture, we are holding our books that are currently linked on Amazon.She said I have been on her radar because most of my promotional material says “in the tradition of Karen Kingsbury” *blush*. Anyway, she asked if I’d have my publisher send her a copy, and I said…

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Going to see Karen!

By Kathryn Cushman / November 7, 2007 /

That’s right. Karen Kingsbury will be signing books here in Santa Barbara tonight! I’ll be there, along with down-the-coast neighbor, Julie Carobini. I’m excited to get a copy of Karen’s newest book, Between Sundays, but I’ll also be bringing along a few others from my home library to get them signed, too.Here are the details…

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Final count

By Kathryn Cushman / November 1, 2007 /

Final counts from yesterday225– number of trick-or-treaters that came to our door (this is a typical number for us, btw)3- number of fun size bags of peanut m&m’s I consumed2- number of fun size Almond Joy’s I consumed1- number of fun size Butterfingers I consumed4- number of medications I have consumed this morning to fight…

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Blog Hopping

By Kathryn Cushman / October 30, 2007 /

Tiff Stockton interviewed me on her blog this week. If you head on over there and leave a comment, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free copy of A Promise to Remember. So… what are you waiting for? Get on over there! Click here for the link.

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Almost cool

By Kathryn Cushman / October 29, 2007 /

Let me say for the record– I live in Santa Barbara. It’s not uncommon for me to see celebrities when I go downtown, out to dinner, whatever… and I really couldn’t care less. Famous-shmamous, a person is a person. But…. Titletrakk is running an interview with me right now, and they have me on their…

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Free book anyone?

By Kathryn Cushman / October 26, 2007 /

My friend Julie Carobini (of Chocolate Beach fame) took a break from writing long enough to interview me on her blog today. She is also giving away a copy of A Promise to Remember, so hurry on over there. All you have to do is click on this link, leave a comment, and you’ll be…

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Breathing smoke

By Kathryn Cushman / October 23, 2007 /

The closest of the current California fires is still a safe distance from where I live, but the ash in the air is TERRIBLE. There is a coat of brownish/grayish grit on everything I own, in spite of heroic (if I do say so myself) cleaning efforts. The schools have cancelled all outdoor PE activities,…

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By Kathryn Cushman / October 16, 2007 /

After last weeks festivities, it’s nice to get back into the old routine this week. You know– laundry, housework, ironing. This will feel nice for about one more day, and then I’ll be ready for festivities again! Deena, over at Deenasbooks, has posted a really nice review of A Promise to Remember. You can read…

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