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Book signing this weekend

By Kathryn Cushman / December 14, 2007 /

I’ll be signing books at Borders this weekend. If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, I’d love to see some friendly faces, so please drop by. As an added bonus, if you’re buying A Promise to Remember as a Christmas gift, I’m giving away cute Christmas themed padded mailers.Here are the details:Sunday, December 16 2…

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Miracle Monday

By Kathryn Cushman / December 10, 2007 /

Kristy Dykes, a Christian fiction writer, was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few weeks back. She’s had surgery to remove much of it, but the prognosis is still quite dim. She goes in for her first radiation treatment today, and thousands of Christians all around the country are banding together to pray for her…

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There's the normal way…

By Kathryn Cushman / December 6, 2007 /

and there’s the Cushman way. While most families are content to simply stand on tiptoes and decorate a six-foot tree in their living rooms… well… let’s just say, the Cushman family is not most families. If it doesn’t involve heavy machinery, and at least one person dangling off the end of it risking life and…

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Heroes in Action

By Kathryn Cushman / December 3, 2007 /

I may not live in Gotham City or Metropolis, but yesterday I saw some real life super heroes in action.My sister-in-law, aka VisionGirl, spotted smoke coming from the brush across the canyon. She quickly notified my brother-in-law, aka WaterMan. Faster than a speeding bullet (and without bothering to find a phone booth so he could…

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Told you so

By Kathryn Cushman / November 28, 2007 /

A couple of weeks ago when my neighbor Lori B. hosted a book party– remember I told you she made me wear a tiara? You didn’t believe me did you? For the record- she only made me wear the boa during the question and answer session. (Lori has a rather twisted sense of humor, doesn’t…

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I'm back

By Kathryn Cushman / November 27, 2007 /

Well, I’ve emerged from my writer’s cave, got my manuscript turned in (praise God!), and now I’m in San Diego about to begin my first ever mini-book tour. This is a bit terrifying, but I’m in good company. Julie Carobini and I are the new-comers here, along with veteran writers Lauraine Snelling and Cathy Marie…

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One of "those" weeks

By Kathryn Cushman / November 19, 2007 /

I haven’t blogged in a bit because it’s been a rather hectic week around here. My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital with a (quite scary) post-surgical blood clot. She lives a couple of hours north of here, so the family has been driving back and forth at all sorts of crazy hours. At this…

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Donna Reed would be so disappointed

By Kathryn Cushman / November 13, 2007 /

Tonight, we had some visitors for dinner. I REALLY wanted to make a good impression. I am REALLY not a terribly domestic person. So… on Saturday night I did a trial run of the dinner. It turned out perfect! So… I spent the day today(and made my kids who had the day off school spend…

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Book shindig

By Kathryn Cushman / November 10, 2007 /

Unfortunately, all my photos from last night’s book shindig at Lori B ‘s house turned out really dark :-(. It was a great evening though (in spite of the fact that Lori made me wear a tiara!), with about 40ish women just hanging out and chatting about books, kids, whatever. Here are a few of…

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Feast and famine

By Kathryn Cushman / November 9, 2007 /

My friend and neighbor Lori B. is hosting dozens of women at her home tonight, where we will celebrate A Promise to Remember after its first month on the shelves. Lori has been a tireless promoter of Promise since long before it actually came out, putting in hours worth of phone calls, emails, etc. To…

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